What words in the story tell you how the narrator feels about Florence?

What words in the story tell you how the narrator feel about Florence?

Answer: Answer:Florence Nightingale went to the Crimean War to nurse wounded soldiers. She even nursed soldiers during the night, and became known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’. … Her experiences as a nurse during the Crimean War were foundational in her views about sanitation.

How did the narrator know Florence Nightingale?

The narrator of the story is CG Salamander. He came to know Florence Nightingale when he was just a boy and fought in the Crimean war, where he was injured and brought to a hospital in Turkey.

Why was Florence called the lady with the lamp?

Florence and her nurses greatly improved the conditions and many more soldiers survived. She earned the name “The Lady with the Lamp” because she would visit soldiers at night with a small lantern in her hand.

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Who is the narrator telling this story?

Narrator, one who tells a story. In a work of fiction the narrator determines the story’s point of view. If the narrator is a full participant in the story’s action, the narrative is said to be in the first person. A story told by a narrator who is not a character in the story is a third-person narrative.

What is the real name of Florence Nightingale?

Florence Nightingale, byname Lady with the Lamp, (born May 12, 1820, Florence [Italy]—died August 13, 1910, London, England), British nurse, statistician, and social reformer who was the foundational philosopher of modern nursing.

How old was Florence Nightingale when she died?

90 years (1820–1910)

What can the narrator still remember clearly after all these years?

Explanation: Florence Nightingale went to the Crimean War to nurse wounded soldiers. She even nursed soldiers during the night, and became known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’. … Florence Nightingale is remembered for making changes to nursing and showing people that nursing was a very important job.

Who is the narrator of the story and how did the no Florence Nightingale?

Ans – The narrator of the story is Mr. Andrews. He fought in the Crimean war when he was just a boy and was brought to the hospital at Scutari, in Turkey. He knew Florence Nightingale because he was looked after by her in the hospital.

What is the narrator of the book?

Simply stated, a narrator is the person who tells a story. When we read a novel, it’s the narrator’s point of view, or perspective, from which we see the events of the story – it’s the narrator’s perspective of the events that’s our window into the story as readers.

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What is special about Florence Nightingale’s lamp?

Also on display for the first time is a gold watch, given to Nightingale by her father, which she wore throughout her service in the Crimean war. … She gave it away because she was largely bed-ridden in later years.

Why is Nightingale called Nightingale?

Etymology. “Nightingale” is derived from “night”, and the Old English galan, “to sing”. The genus name Luscinia is Latin for “nightingale” and megarhynchos is from Ancient Greek megas, “great” and rhunkhos “bill”.

Who was the first nurse?

Florence Nightingale, the First Professional Nurse.

How does narration affect a story?

Authors use narrators to tell stories to audiences. A narrator provides insight into the thoughts and emotions of characters in a story. … Each mode delivers the story in a different way, giving readers more and sometimes less access to the motivations behind characters’ actions.

How can the narrator influence the way a story is told?

Point of view is important in a story because it helps the reader understand characters’ feelings and actions. Each character will have his or her own perspective, so whoever is telling the story will impact the reader’s opinion of other characters and events.

What is the idea the story is focusing?

Focus is one element that keeps a story—any piece of writing—on track, that provides cohesion as well as direction. Focus directs not only readers but characters and plot. Focus tells everyone what’s important. It also tells readers what isn’t important, what can be ignored.

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