What’s the Italian word for little girl?

bellissima bambina
bambina bellissima
Well, she is a beautiful little girl. Be’, è una bambina bellissima.
She was a beautiful little girl, Annie. Era una bambina bellissima, Annie.

How do you say female baby in Italian?

You simply say “caro” (to a male) or “cara” (to a female).

How do you say teen girl in Italian?

  1. femminuccia.
  2. bambina.

What does BAE mean in Italian?

fidanzata {f} bae (also: betrothed, bride, fiancée, girlfriend)

What does chic mean in Italian?

Italian Translation. elegante. More Italian words for chic. elegante adjective. elegant, stylish, sleek, smart, posh.

What is beautiful baby girl in Italian?

beautiful baby girl translation | English-Italian dictionary

bellissima bambina
A daughter, a beautiful baby girl. Una figlia, una bellissima bambina.
bella bambina
You can expect to have a beautiful baby girl. Può aspettarsi di avere una bella bambina.

The top 10 Italian names for girls

  • Sofia.
  • Giulia.
  • Aurora.
  • Alice.
  • Ginevra.
  • Emma.
  • Giorgia.
  • Greta.

Is capiche rude?

In English, capiche has much more of an in-your-face attitude, and is meant to echo speech patterns of Mafia bullies. In my opinion, using this word in English is always rude, precisely because of its overtones. Using it in Italian may or may not be rude, depending strongly on context.

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What does Baka mean?

Baka (馬鹿, ばか in hiragana, or バカ in katakana) means “fool”, or (as an adjectival noun) “foolish” and is the most frequently used pejorative term in the Japanese language. This word baka has a long history, an uncertain etymology (possibly from Sanskrit or Classical Chinese), and linguistic complexities.

What is a goomba in Italian?

1 informal : a close friend or associate —used especially among Italian-American men. 2 informal + disparaging : a member of a secret chiefly Italian-American crime organization : mafioso broadly : gangster.

What is the Italian toast for 100 years?

Over the years, we celebrated food and drink with the salute of “Cent’Anni”, a traditional Italian toast meaning “May You Live 100 Years”. It’s no secret that food is essential to the Italian culture and eating is a celebration of life itself.

What does Salud mean in Italian?

The phrase “salud, chindon” is italian american slang roughly meaning “health for a hundred years.” The much butchered term “salud” in italian american speak originates from the word “salute” in italian, meaning health or well being.

What does Gin Don mean?

It means to always keep your health as a priority and to wish good fortune and health to your loved ones and friends. … Context: This is an Italian American proverb that descends from the Italian word “Salute”, which means well being, and the Italian phrase “cent anno” which means one hundred years.

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