When did chocolate arrive in Italy?

Chocolate first arrived in Italy soon after it was introduced into Europe by the Spanish in the 16th century. At first, chocolate was almost exclusively taken in the form of a drink, usually heated up and often served as a form of stimulant.

When was chocolate brought to Italy?

Italy’s first association with chocolate dates back to the fourth voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1502, when he traveled along the coast of Central America and tasted a drink made from the cacao bean.

Does chocolate come from Italy?

Where did chocolate originate. Many people think that chocolates originated in Italy, but even though they have been making chocolate for centuries, this isn’t the truth. Aztecs and Mayan cultures made the first chocolate. The cocoa bean was first discovered in 1492 in the Americas and then imported to Europe.

When did Europeans first encounter chocolate?

July 7, 1550: Europeans Discover Chocolate.

Is Italy famous for chocolate?

Italy may not be as famous for its chocolate as Switzerland and Belgium, yet the country has a long tradition associated with chocolate making. While it were the Spaniards who brought the Aztec delicacy to Europe, it was Turin which really became the first capital of chocolate.

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What chocolate comes from Italy?

That’s because the Italy is home to some of the world’s most esteemed chocolate makers, including Amedei, Domori, Pernigotti, Slitti and Venchi. Here at World Wide Chocolate, we are proud to carry chocolate products from all of the aforementioned brands.

What is the best Italian chocolate?

Best of Italian Chocolates

  1. Caffarel Dark Chocolate Gianduia Bar. Unofficially dubbed “the Italian capital of chocolate,” the northern Italian city of Turin has been churning out delightful delicacies since the early 1800’s. …
  2. Amedei Pistachio White Chocolate Bar. …
  3. DITALIA Amaretti Cookie Crumble Bark.


What is the best chocolate in the world?

The newly formed Academy of Chocolate in London has named Chauo the best chocolate in the world. [via Nickie Goomba.] Chauo won the Gold Medal. Chauo won “because of its fruity flavor and unique character”.

Do Italians love chocolate?

Savory chocolate dishes remain common today in Italy. Chocolate is incorporated in fillings for ravioli, such as the Italian autumn favorite— pumpkin-chocolate ravioli served with a brown butter sage sauce.

Who first ate chocolate?

The first people to use chocolate were probably the Olmec of what is today southeast Mexico. They lived in the area around 1000 BC, and their word, “kakawa,” gave us our word “cacao.” Unfortunately, that’s all we know. We don’t know how (or even if) the Olmec actually used chocolate.

Who first brought chocolate to Europe?

Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés may have been the first European to encounter chocolate when he observed it in the court of Montezuma in 1519.

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Why was chocolate so expensive in European?

Too much of a good thing. That’s partially because European retailers are under pressure from discounters to lower prices. … While Europeans have too much chocolate on their hands, parts of the chocolate-making process are becoming more expensive, especially purchases of raw material.

What city in Italy is famous for chocolate?

Naples, in Campania, has one of the best chocolatiers in the whole of Italy. The chocolatier is known as Gay Odin. Their first chocolate shop was opened in 1897 by Isidoro Odin and his wife Onorina Gay. Today, this is still a popular chocolatier that many people go to for their great taste in chocolate treats.

What is the most famous dessert in Italy?

Tiramisu. Probably the most famous of all Italian desserts, Tiramisù is a powerful layering of coffee-soaked savoiardi (sponge finger biscuits) and a rich cream made with mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar, sometimes spiced up with a drop of liqueur.

What country has best chocolate?

Here are seven countries that make the best chocolate.

  • Belgium. You can’t go to Belgium and not go to a chocolate shop – there are more than 2,000 throughout the country! …
  • Switzerland. Even if you haven’t been to Switzerland, you’ve probably had Swiss chocolate. …
  • Ecuador. …
  • United Kingdom. …
  • Ivory Coast. …
  • Italy. …
  • United States.
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