Where can I get an Italian passport?

To obtain Italian citizenship through your bloodline, you’ll have to locate and obtain certified copies of the required official documents in your family member’s home town or city and complete the proper application process through your local Italian consulate or embassy to claim citizenship.

How do I get an Italian passport?

Citizenship can be granted to foreigners who have legally resided in Italy for at least ten years or to the citizen of an EU state if he or she has been legally residing in Italy for at least four years. Stateless persons or refugees can claim citizenship after residing legally in Italy for at least five years.

Where can I apply for Italian citizenship?

After you have formally become a resident of an Italian town, you can formally apply for citizenship through the citizenship office which is generally located in the city hall.

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Who is entitled to an Italian passport?

A person who has been legally resident in Italy for at least ten years may apply for and be granted naturalisation as an Italian citizen if he or she does not have a criminal record and has sufficient financial resources.

How do I apply for an Italian passport in the UK?

5 Steps to Obtaining Italian Dual Citizenship from UK

  1. Identify Your Ancestral Ties. …
  2. Make an Appointment with Your Local Italian Consulate. …
  3. Gather Documents for Your Ancestor. …
  4. Italian Dual Citizenship Application Form. …
  5. Translating the Documents and Apostilles. …
  6. Attend Your Appointment and Apply for Italian Passport.

Can you get an Italian passport without being a citizen?

Italian passport without first being a citizen of Italy. Therefore, dual citizenship is an Italian passport requirement and must be done before even applying for a passport. Once dual citizenship is obtained, you will have the same right to an Italian passport as natural born citizens of Italy.

How long does it take to get an Italian passport?

When an application is accepted by the consulate, it can take as much as six months for a decision to be made regarding your right to Italian citizenship. Once approved, you can apply for an Italian passport but the overall process can take up to two or three years in total.

What documents do I need for Italian citizenship?

Documentation requirements can vary slightly from consulate to consulate, however the following documents must be provided to support your application:

  • Birth Certificates from the “Commune’ in Italy. …
  • Death Certificates. …
  • Marriage Certificates from Italy. …
  • Naturalization Certificates. …
  • Your Personal Civil Records.
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How much does it cost to get Italian citizenship?

As a rule, the dual Italian citizenship process can cost anywhere between $500 – $10,000.

Can I get Italian citizenship through my grandfather?

If your grandfather was born in Italy and was an Italian citizen when your parent was born, it’s possible to apply for Italian citizenship through grandparents. However, you can only qualify in this way if your parent has not since renounced their right to Italian citizenship.

Can you buy Italian citizenship?

A non-EU citizen who has legally resided in Italy for ten years or more may apply to be a naturalised Italian citizen and EU citizen after four years. … an easier path to buying property in Italy; the ability to automatically transfer the citizenship (Italian and EU) to all children under 18 years old.

Can I get Italian dual citizenship?

How Do I Get Dual Citizenship in Italy? You can get dual citizenship in USA and Italy if you can prove you have Italian ancestry. … Italian citizenship is granted through the paternal line at birth, so through the laws of jure sanguinis, you are a citizen at birth if one or both of your parents have Italian citizenship.

Do I need to speak Italian to get Italian citizenship?

– if you are applying for Italian Citizenship by marriage, since 2018, you must speak Italian and show an adequate knowledge of the language (passing the level B1 test of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFRL). …

Can I hold an Italian and British passport?

Dual citizenship (also known as dual nationality) is allowed in the UK. This means you can be a British citizen and also a citizen of other countries. You do not need to apply for dual citizenship. You can apply for foreign citizenship and keep your British citizenship.

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Can you apply for an Italian passport online?

Electronic passports now require fingerprinting which means that the entire process cannot be completed online and you will need to visit the consulate at some point. … However, keep in mind that those who need to renew Italian passport or apply for a new one must contact the same consulate.

How many passports can you have UK?

Legally, British nationals can possess two passports. The second document is called a concurrent passport, and is fairly common for business partners to employ. These can prove useful should a person wish to travel to countries which do not permit travellers who have a particular state’s stamp on their passport.

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