Where do you buy tram tickets in Florence?

Tickets and subscriptions can be purchased at the official Ataf Point (At ticket office n. 8 in the Hall of the Santa Maria Novella railway station).

Where can I buy Ataf tickets in Florence?

The ATAF booth, located in the ticket area within the SMN train station, sells tickets, gives out information and provides maps of the bus routes. The small bus office in Piazza San Marco on the side opposite the church also gives out information.

How do you use the tram in Florence?

Trams use the same tickets (€1.50; valid for 90 minutes, no return journeys) as buses, available at ticket-dispensing machines at every tram stop or directly from the driver (€2.50). Trams run from 4.30am or 5am until 12.30am (1.40am or 2am Friday and Saturday).

How much is the tram in Florence?

The last tram going from Florence to Villa Costanza leaves at 00.30, from Villa Costanza to Florence, the last tram leaves at 00.00. A normal ticket, valid for 90 minutes, costs €1,20 if you buy them in advance. They can also be purchased aboard, but for the price of €2,00.

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How do you buy tram tickets in Nice?

Buying a tramway ticket

Buy the tickets or 10-trip pass from the ticket machine at all the tram stops, which has an English option and takes coins and cards (but no bills). You push the big green button to start, then do all the rest by turning the dial and pushing the green button for ‘ok’.

How do you get around Florence?

The best way to get around Florence is by foot. In fact, you can walk from one end of the city to the other in about 30 minutes, passing many recognizable sites along the way. Hopping aboard an ATAF bus is another option.

How do you pay for buses in Italy?

If you’re caught with an unvalidated ticket you risk a fine (between €50 and €110). Buy tickets at tabaccai (tobacconist’s shops), newsstands and ticket booths, or from dispensing machines at bus and metro stations. Tickets usually cost around €1 to €2. Many cities offer good-value 24-hour or daily travel cards.

Can you drink tap water in Florence?

The tap water in Florence is perfectly safe to drink. Quality controls are mandated by legislative decree n. 31 (2001).

Does Florence have trams?

The Florence tramway network (Italian: Rete tranviaria di Firenze) is an important part of the public transport network of Florence, Italy. It consists of two operational light rail lines.

Is Florence safe for tourists?

Florence is a small city and generally a safe place where street-smart rules apply. Avoid wandering around town alone, late at night, particularly in the Santa Maria Novella area. Stick to main roads; avoid narrow back alleys.

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Is there Uber in Florence?

The world-famous app enabling passengers to book their ride via smartphone with a private driver has now reached Florence. Uber, operating in 60 countries worldwide, is currently beta testing the service in Florence. At present only the Uber Black service is available, a luxury drive in black sedan.

How do you buy bus tickets in Nice?

Ticket prices for public transport in Nice and where to buy them. A single bus or tram ticket is called a SOLO and costs 1.50 euro. You can buy it from a bus driver or the vending machine at the tram stop.

How do you get around Nice France?

The best way to get around Nice is on foot, especially if you plan on sticking close to the city’s center. Like many other French cities, Nice is equipped with a reliable and convenient public transportation system.

How do you pay for the bus in Nice France?

Best Deals for Taking a Bus in Nice

The day pass can be purchased from the driver or tram ticket machines (again, have a coin or a chip-and-pin credit card), the ten-trip card and week-pass only from the machines and Lignes d’Azur boutiques, and the month pass only from the Lignes d’Azur boutiques.

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