Where is the restroom Italian?

So, lets cut to the chase – the easiest way to ask where is the toilet please is to say Dov’è il bagno per favore? which is pronounced it doh-VEH eel BAH-nyoh per fah-vor-ray? Simple and to the point!

How do you say can I go to the toilet please in Italian?

Yes, you can usually put “per favore” anywhere you want! :)

Ask a native!

Why are there no toilet seats in Italy?

Apparently, the toilet seats are there originally but, then, they break. The seats break because people stand on them. People stand on them because they are not kept clean enough to sit on. … Either the proprietors decide there’s no point in continuing the cycle, so they consign their toilet to the ranks of the seatless.

Can I use the bathroom Italian?

posso usare il bagno?

Where is the bathroom in different languages?

English (American) = Excuse me, where is the bathroom? French = pardon, où sont les toilettes? (pahr-DAW, oo saw lay twah-LETT?) Papiamento (Caribbean Islands) = Unda e baño ta? (pronounced: Uhn-dah eh ban-yo tah?) Spanish = Perdone/Disculpe, ¿Dónde está el baño?(Formal) (Per-DON-eh, DOHN-deh es-TAH el BAHN-yo?)

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What is your name in Italian?

“what’s your name?” in Italian

come si chiama? come ti chiami?

What are some common Italian phrases?

Basic Italian phrases

  • Yes – Si – See.
  • No – No – Noh.
  • Please – Per favore – Pehr fah-voh-reh.
  • Thank you – Grazie – Grah-tsee-eh.
  • You’re welcome – Prego – Preh-goh.
  • Cheers! ( To your health) – Salute! – Sah-loo-tay.
  • Excuse me (for attention) – Scusi – Skooh–zee.
  • Excuse me (to pass by) – Permesso – Pehr-mehs-soh.


Can I flush toilet paper in Italy?

Public restrooms can be very difficult to find in Italy, next to impossible in places like Venice. Few have toilet seats (an Italian phenomena) or toilet paper of any kind. Most are pay toilets, usually under one euro.

Why does Italy have two toilets?

What is the main purpose of an Italian bidet? To clean yourself after going to the bathroom. In Italy, they’re used in addition to, and not in place of, toilet paper.

Why do US toilet seats have a gap?

The move was first brought in in the American Standard National Plumbing Code in 1955 and then later in the Uniform Plumbing Codes in 1973. The gap in the seat is meant to give the user a little breathing room to avoid touching the seat with your genitals and provide one less place where urine could splash.

What are numbers in Italian?

Italian Cardinal Numbers From 1 to 100

Numbers and Pronounciations
1 uno OO-noh
2 due DOO-eh
3 tre TREH
4 quattro KWAHT-troh

How much is a toilet?

Cost of Toilet by Type

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Type of Toilet Average Cost* Typical Range
Low Flow Toilet $510 $380 – $620
Upflush Toilet $950 $600 – $1,300
Wall Mounted Toilet Installation $675 $150 – $1,200
Dual Flush Toilet $350 $200 – $500

How do you spell where in Italian?

Therefore, when learning Italian, one of the most important words is “where” both as a conjunction and as an adverb. This is because it is vital to moving around.

It’s All About Location; How to Say “Where” in Italian

  1. Dov’è? – Where is it?
  2. Dov’è il bagno? – Where is the toilet?
  3. Dove stai andando? – Where are you going?


Where the bathroom is or where is the bathroom?

Where is the bathroom? This is wrong because it is a direct question and “where” is not in situ, so subject and verb should be inverted. (The in situ form would be “The bathroom is where?”.)

How do you say bathroom in Africa?

This is the translation of the word “bathroom” to over 100 other languages.

Saying Bathroom in African Languages.

Language Ways to say bathroom
Zulu yokugezela Edit
Sunny Italy